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Tourist Favorites in New Brunswick

Visiting New Brunswick can be a fun way to spend a vacation and there are lots of amazing touristy things to see and do. The province of New Brunswick does in fact border a host of amazing states such as Nova Scotia, Quebec and even Prince Edward Island! You can visit cities such as Fredericton, the capital as well as Saint John and Moncton; the choices are endless! Read on to find a few tourist favorites in New Brunswick.

The Bay of Fundy

Shaped almost like a funnel, the Bay of Fundy is truly one of the most breathtaking tourist sites within New Brunswick! This is a beautiful and vast bay within the Atlantic Ocean and tides coming into the Bay can reach up to nineteen meters which is truly amazing. The coastline here is something to remember and there are lots to admire. You can view the lighthouses situated along the coastline of the Bay or the beautiful beaches; and the caves and parks are lovely. Every tourist will love the Bay of Fundy as there’s so much to see and do here.

St Martin’s Fundy Trail Parkway

Saint Martin’s was a beautiful community for shipbuilders and this is where all the shipbuilding took place. Today, you can still view the beautiful trail parkway where you can visit the cliffs, beaches, some of which are isolated as well as enjoy the marine wildlife. You have so much beauty here and you are sure to enjoy it all.Visit more information from

The Garrison District

From 1784 to 1869 the UK has a British garrison stated and the Garrison District is a wonderful sight to visit. Here, you have beautiful grassy lawns and buildings dating back to that period and it’s popular with summer festivals held annually. You can take a walking tour here as well as view some historical re-enactments which are always a treat. You can even watch the changing of the guard which is a fantastic ceremony.

Hopewell Rocks

accomodationHopewell Rocks are amongst the very favored sights of New Brunswick today. You have the Flowerpot Rocks when the tides are high and if you love to kayak you can kayak out to them. They resemble islands in the water! However, when the tides are low, you can actually go to the dry ocean floor and visit the rocks. It’s amazing and it has really become a popular spot no matter if it’s high or low tide.

Explore All of New Brunswick

For those visiting New Brunswick, you are sure to have a treat in store. There are lots of amazing sights to visit and whether you love to explore the beach, go shopping or take in some historical sites, there is something for everyone. New Brunswick is a truly gorgeous location and one you are sure to love. There has never been a better time to visit and you will love it all as it’s just so lovely. You don’t have to be a history buff to enjoy the changing of the guard or the Flowerpot Rocks!

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